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Do You Need An Umbrella

Have you considered getting a personal umbrella policy? Read on to learn more about this
valuable coverage.

Your Personal Umbrella Policy: A Few ‘Non-Negotiables’

So maybe you’re still on the fence about whether purchasing a personal umbrella policy is a
good move for you and your family. Following is a list of “non-negotiables” — that is, these are
the exposures your family may have that make having an umbrella policy a must.

If You Have Children

Of course, kids are wonderful. But they sometimes do stupid things or hang out with other kids
who do stupid things. Fair enough?

Their conduct often leaves us adults shaking our heads (even while remembering we were all
young once). And then there are the rare, but tragic times when something truly terrible
happens. Your teenager is involved in a deadly auto accident. A child suffers serious injury
while playing in your yard.

Whenever a child is injured, the damages related to the injury, including pain and suffering,
may extend for years, leading to more costly settlements and judgments.

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If You Have Pets

Injuries from dog bites are one of the most common causes of personal liability claims.
According to the Insurance Information Institute, the cost of such claims continues to rise
annually. Policies often cover such claims, but some personal insurance companies restrict
coverage for specific breeds.

And while dogs might get the most attention, people also own cats, rodents, reptiles, birds,
horses and a multitude of other animals. In January 2018, a woman made national headlines
because she attempted to board a commercial flight with her peacock. The point is, any animal
you own can potentially cause injury and result in a liability claim.

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If You Own Vehicles or Watercraft

By a wide margin, auto accidents are the most common source of liability claims filed against
families. But any motorized vehicle — golf cart, tractor, kids’ motorized toy, ATV or watercraft
— can seriously injure passengers or pedestrians. A personal umbrella policy can increase the
liability coverage in your auto policy or homeowner’s policy. However, it may be possible to
arrange an umbrella so that it also extends coverage over other policies for vehicles like
motorcycles, ATVs or watercraft.

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If You Own Property

You have personal liability coverage in your homeowner’s policy to cover injuries occurring on
your premises (for example, a loose board on your front steps causes someone to slip and fall).
But do you also own other property, such as vacant land or a secondary residence? Do you
own rental property? Not only can these increase your overall asset exposure, but you must
also consider the increased likelihood of a person at one of your properties alleging that your
negligence contributed to their injury.

If You Conduct Business

Personal insurance policies often restrict liability coverage for claims arising out of a business
activity — for example, if a person is injured while visiting your home for a business meeting or
if an auto accident occurs while your vehicle is being used for a business purpose. Such
restrictions often hinge on how the policy defines the term “business.” In some cases, the
policy may not prove restrictive enough to remove coverage completely for all business-related

Be aware that your umbrella policy will likely include a definition of “business” and attempt to
restrict coverage for such activities. However, a review of the policy with your Trusted Choice®
Independent Insurance Agent can help determine if there is coverage for any business activities
including those of a member of your household such as a minor child.

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Increase Your Protection with an Umbrella

Personal umbrella insurance can prove valuable for most people and their families, not just the
affluent. And it’s considered a “non-negotiable” if you have pets, children, motor vehicles, real
estate property or business risks. For more information, contact your Trusted Choice®
Independent Insurance Agent today.

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