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get your r v ready for spring or summer

Get Your R.V. Ready for Spring and Summer

Spring is just around the corner! Do you have an R.V. that has been stored all winter? Here are some tips for getting it ready for the campground and summer fun

  1. Your R.V. tires will lose pressure over the winter months. Check your tires and make sure they are ready for travel. Underinflated tires can lead to accidents!
  2. While you are checking tire pressures, look for signs of wear. If you have some long-distance travel plans, new tires might be a good investment.
  3. Take a walk around your R.V. and check sealants around windows and doors. Look at seams and apply new seals if needed.
  4. Your R.V. battery will lose some of its charge while being stored. If you have not kept your battery charged over the winter, check the charge with a voltmeter. If it is 12 volts or below, you will want to charge your battery before heading out on any adventures.
  5. One of the most important parts of preparing for spring and summer travel is to dewinterize your water system. If you added anti-freeze in the fall, this is especially important. Follow manufacturer instructions for flushing and sanitizing your water system.
  6. Look for leaky pipes.
  7. Check to make sure LP gas-fired appliances are working properly.
  8. Test 120-volt appliances
  9. Inspect the engine and check fluid levels.
  10. Test your generator.
  11. Update your registration.
  12. Before you head out on the road, call Kannel Insurance to review your R.V. coverage!

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