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Know What Insurance You Have…and What You Need!

“I hit a deer”.

That’s something we have been hearing a lot lately here at Kannel Insurance; and if you don’t have the right insurance coverage on your vehicle, the out-of-pocket costs can pile up quickly!

There are 2 separate types of insurance coverage available for auto insurance: Comprehensive coverage (often referred to as COMP) and Collision coverage.  

Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damages caused by things other than an accidental collision.  This is the coverage you NEED if you hit a deer.  Some examples of other things that could be covered by comprehensive coverage are glass, damage caused by hail, vandalism, theft, or impact with other animals.  Every circumstance is different, and exclusions can apply depending on the situation.

Collision coverage helps cover costs resulting from an accidental collision with another vehicle or object. This is the coverage that might kick in when a grocery cart runs into your car, or you back into a pole. It is also the coverage you want if you hit another vehicle, or another vehicle hits yours.  

Knowing what you need can be tricky.  Factors to consider:

  • How old is your vehicle?
  • Do you drive more than 10 miles daily?
  • Do you park your vehicle outside where the elements could damage it?
  • What would it cost to replace your vehicle if it were totaled?

Kannel Insurance is a great place to call to get these and any other questions answered. 

As an independent agency, we do the shopping for you!  We work with several companies so that you get the best rate we can offer.

Call us today for your free review and drive safe!

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