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let us insure your lake home

Let Us Insure Your Lake Home

There are many reasons to insure your lake property through Kannel Insurance:

  • These properties are often left empty for long periods of time.
  • There are increased risks like flooding or vandalism.
  • You may have outbuildings to store sporting equipment or a boat.
  • You may leave personal belongings at your lake property.
  • There could be increased risk for injury.

That’s a lot to think about! 

BUT we can offer you peace of mind!

If your lake home is damaged by a covered peril, insurance could cover the costs of repairs to the home, other buildings, and any personal belongings. There is also the possibility that insurance could cover the cost of replacing the home.

There are lots of benefits to insuring your seasonal home with Kannel Insurance…but the best one is that we are RIGHT HERE! 

In the event of a claim, we can quickly assess the damage and work with you to help make the claims process a bit less troublesome.

Don’t let the stress of owning a lake home take all the fun out of it.

Call Kannel Insurance today for a free quote!

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